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Rana by Asdaaf

Rana by Asdaaf

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Rana by Asdaaf is an attractive fragrance that embodies elegance, grace, and charm. It is a mesmerizing blend of exquisite notes, carefully crafted to create a harmonious and elegant olfactory experience. This combination of notes creates a well-rounded and versatile perfume. The initial citrus and floral freshness transition into a romantic and floral heart, and finally, a warm and inviting base. This fragrance is likely to be appealing and suitable for various occasions, capturing a sense of freshness, femininity, and sophistication.

Top Notes: Sicilian Lemon, Bellflower.

Heart (Middle) Notes: Blooming Roses, Jasmine, and Apple.

Base Notes: Cedarwood Notes, Amber, Vanilla.

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